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New Classes!


1) Q. Will the classes be available offline if I'm not able to make the scheduled class time?

A. The classes will be recorded but they have to be accessed while online, they will be available for all members of the Daoist Mysticism class.

2) Q.
How long is the overall program or set of classes going to be?

A. The Daoist Mysticism class is a very comprehensive course and will last at least several years.

3) Q.
I have been taking the DCEM and Christian Mysticism classes.  Will there be overlap with the Daoist class, and if so, about how much?

A. All energetic and magical systems are made up of similar components of study and training but the depth of study in Daoism is specific to it being a religious and spiritual system. (i.e., Talisman construction, Star Stepping, etc.).

4) Q.
I am wondering if the classes will be recorded?  I am not available to join on the first class so I want to make sure I can watch it later.

A. Yes, the class will be recorded for all members of the course to have access to.

5) Q.
What time zone will you be teaching from?

A. Classes will be held in California on Wednesdays from 6pm-8pm Pacific Standard Time.

6) Q.
Are we requred to be at all the Zoom Sessions during the time of the class work?

A. We understand that life is still happening all around us each and every day, and that you cannot always be present for the classes because that's just the way life is.  

Try to attend as many classes as you can and when you can't, we are recording the classes so that the information will be available at any time to all members of the Daoist Mysticism class, this ensures that no one misses out.  Just be aware that you are still responsible for knowing the information that has been shared with the class.

7) Q.
Are there any additional costs to this training? I assume we would need to purchase some books to study, something else?

A. Yes, you will need to purchase several of the books in order to do the reading homework for the class. These books can be purchased on Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson's website at:

The first book that we will be studying from is the "Daoist Magical Incantations, Hand Seals and Star Stepping".

8) Q.
How will people be examined (and certificates issued) if we are studying over Zoom? Do we need to go to California for that at some point?

A. Yes, in order for you to be tested you will be required to attend one of the in-person seminars to have your physical postures of the exercises and training and the knowledge of the application of the teachings tested and demonstrated to ensure that you are able to perform them properly.

9) Q.
Do you have any prerequisites for the Course?

A. No, there are no prerequisites for the course.  Anyone can learn to be Daoist, we will be starting from day one and building from the bottom up.

10) Q.
As I read through Daoist Alchemy. It mentioned the possibility of years to learn. Is there an average or do you have some kind of cut off time/process ?

A. The Daoist system is quite extensive and will take at least several years or more to develop any kind of proficiency in this work, just as it would take you many years to become a brain surgeon, there is much information and understanding you must have in order to embody the training as well as the physical skill and emotional and spiritual maturity that is involved in doing this work.

11) Q.
On the website where the students are to buy the first book for the class, the book is called "Final Edition", and it makes me wonder if there has been added and corrected information in the book if bought from the website, or if it's exactly the same book as on amazon where I can buy the kindle version of the same book.

A. No, there is no difference in information between the "Final Edition" and getting it in Kindle format.  

I read that it's mandatory to show up for the last seminar at the end of each class, to get certified.

A. No, it is not mandatory to show up for the last seminar after each class to get certified, you misunderstand. There is no certification involved, the certificates are "Certificates of Completion" and they verify that you have completed the training in that particular subject and have been tested on it in-person by a qualified representative of the Temple of the Celestial Fire.

13) Q.
Will the seminars be recorded so that the students can view and learn from the seminar while not having been to the seminar?

A. The seminars will be recorded but will only be available to those who have attended the seminar.

14) Q.
Will each class be something where you have to follow the pace of the rest of the class students, and take the examinations all students at the same seminar? Or will it be in the student's own time when the student is ready for examination?

A. Each class will progress at the speed that the teacher sets when covering the specific subject matter, just as it would in any university or college class that you would attend.  The progress that is made individually is dependent upon each student's personal work ethic and study routine at home in their personal training.

The seminars will be offered at a strategic time to maximize the greatest amount of participation from all members of the class in order to promote a sense of community and support for each other, ideally we want that to be at the same time.

15) Q.
One question is how many hours of reading or homework should we expect in addition to the two hours of class?

A. Anywhere from a couple of pages to an entire chapter, it depends on the subject that we are covering, some sections are longer than other sections. Sometimes the homework will include meditations that I will expect you to do daily until the next class, and they can last from several minutes to 30 minutes or more it just depends on where we are in the training and exercises.

16) Q.
Those of us who are training daily wonder how many additional hours of training should we expect or is this daily?

A. What is your definition of mastery?  How much effort you put into your training is dependent upon the goals that you have set for yourself in obtaining mastery in your craft. Some of you have similar training that you have already received as far as energetic cultivation is concerned, so your training may need to be modified to include what you will learn or it may already encompass some of the things you will be taught, so it could blend seamlessly.

I will be teaching everyone about workout routines and regimens, and how to structure them to get the most out of the time that you have without repeating trainings that are redundant in their application and energetic goals.

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